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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

I detest interviews. I spent all that time writing down how I’m qualified for the position and showing my experience on paper, but then comes the interview.

Where I have to sell myself.

And that’s where I freeze up. Hell, it’s a wonder I ever get any jobs! Even when I am an expert at something, I have a hard time selling my skills and knowledge.

But when I feel like an imposter? Well, forget about it. Selling myself is damn near impossible.

Many Bloggers Face Imposter Syndrome

Blogging is all about selling yourself. You have a particular passion, knowledge, or skillset that you are sharing with the world. But there are so many others out there with more knowledge than you that it can be hard not to feel like a fraud, especially when you don’t think you’re an expert in the subject you’re writing about. Imposter syndrome is a common problem that many bloggers, new and seasoned, face.

The truth is, though, that none of those people are you. None of them have had your life experiences, or see the world through your particular lens, or speak in your voice. No matter if they have more knowledge than you, the world needs you to write about your subject in your way.

Becoming An Expert Takes Time

I’m not an expert at writing. Maybe someday I will have mastered the craft (I doubt it), but right now, I only have my own experiences, a love for the written word, and a desire to help other people achieve their dreams of having an online business.

And that’s okay. One of the things I’ve learned in my day job is that being an expert comes with time. I knew nothing about that job when I started it, but I learned it from the ground up and can happily say that after a decade, I’m an expert at it. But I had to put in the time and the effort to get there.

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Imposter Syndrome


There’s nothing wrong with being a beginner. It takes time to become a subject matter expert, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until you’re an expert to start blogging on a subject. Everyone starts somewhere, and the more you research and write, the more you will learn about your subject.

Don’t let imposter syndrome keep you from starting.


You Know More Than You Think

On the other hand, an expert isn’t always what we need to be. Sometimes, we just need to be one step ahead of someone else and share our journey with them. I know I read a lot of blogs from people who might not be experts in a field, but they’re ahead of me, so the knowledge they share is valuable.

I think it’s more important to have enthusiasm for a subject than it is to be an expert in it. If you have enthusiasm for the subject, you are much more likely to commit to working on your business every day than you are if you are an expert in the subject matter but don’t find it interesting. And hard work, enthusiasm, and the ability to research will go a long way toward turning you into an expert.

Next time you’re feeling worried that you shouldn’t pitch that freelance job or write that blog post because you’re not an expert in the subject, just remember that experts didn’t start out that way either. It took them time to get there. You can get there too, and in the meantime, you have valuable knowledge and experience you can draw on to write about the subject. Even if you aren’t an expert, there’s someone out there who needs to read your words.

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