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How To Begin Using Magick Tools

When you feel anxious or lethargic for what seems like no reason (barring clinical issues of course), it’s often because you feel disconnected from the Source. Connecting with Source brings wholeness and makes you feel at one with everything, centered, and grounded. Reconnecting with the Source inside you leads to empowerment.

On this journey of reconnecting, you will likely use magick tools to help you. These tools can range from tarot cards to crystals to herbs and many, many more. I personally consider my journals, ritual notebooks, and candles to be some of my tools. Basically anything that you are using that you would consider to be important to your spiritual path.

It’s important to take the time to build an energetic relationship with the magick tools that you will work with. No matter what the reason is that you are using the tool, it’s crucial to bond with your tools in order to use them effectively.

magick tools


Why Use Magick Tools

Why should you use magick tools anyway? This is a fair question, and one that I asked in the beginning as well. The short answer: you don’t have to. There’s no rule book on a spiritual path that says you must use tools to be effective at connecting with your soul and the Source.

If you don’t feel like using magick tools, that’s perfectly fine. Like I said, I felt that way for a while. Maybe you have little kids or you don’t want woo things lying around your house. It could even be that you feel that since Source is in everything, there’s no need for tools. However you feel is valid.

That said, tools are helpful for focus. Each tool also has its own unique energy that can assist you in your path as well. So, there are valid reasons to use tools, but they aren’t required. They are, however, a lot of fun!


Tools and Their Energy

Each tool you work with will have its own energy that can assist you. Even when a tool is known for helping in a certain way or designed for a specific focus, each tool will still have its own unique energy.

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That’s why it’s important to get to know the energy of each tool before working with it. It’s also crucial to use your own intuition when deciding to work with a tool regardless of what properties the tool has. For example, if you are looking for a stone, don’t just look for one that says it has the properties you want; choose a stone that resonates with you.

Look at the stone and ask yourself what does this color and shape make me think about? Does it put you in mind of your goal? Pick up the stone. Does it feel like it connects with you? Some people notice a tingling from the stone or a particular sense from it, such as the stone feeling energizing or calming. You might just feel that holding the stone makes you feel a certain way. Just because a tool is known for a particular helpful property doesn’t mean that’s how it will feel to you, so be sure you’re choosing tools that feel right to you for the job.

No matter what tool you’re choosing, you’ll want to work with tools that make you feel good when you use them. If a tool feels meh to you, brings down your energy or repulses you, that isn’t a tool for you. Working with tools is a lot like a relationship – you don’t want to keep one in your life if the two of you aren’t compatible.

magick tools


Cleansing Your Tools

So, you’ve found the perfect tool. Now it’s time to cleanse it.

Most magick tools can be cleansed by water or smudging (depending on if the tool is waterproof or not). If you’re not sure how to cleanse a specific tool, you can always rely on water or smudging to do the job. Water can be used by holding the tool under running water, submerging it in a bowl of water  on your altar, or left in a bowl of water under the full moon. Smudging an item is as simple as smudging yourself. Let the smoke of the smudge stick cleanse the item until you feel that it no longer contains the energy of anyone else on it.

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There are numerous other ways you can cleanse items. Some depend on the item, and some depend on the extent to which the item needs cleansed. These are things you can often intuit by getting to know the spirit of the tool you are working with. If you feel your item needs a deep cleaning, then use your intuition to determine what would work best.

Hold the item or look at it and ask it to tell you how it needs to be cleaned. This may seem silly, but it’s good to work with your tool as a friend. Instead of thinking of this tool as an object, think of it as a friend because it carries its own spirit. You should get a picture in your head of what your tool needs to cleanse it or get a sense of what element will work best to cleanse it. There aren’t any right or wrong ways to cleanse, so listen to your tool. Trust yourself that you will be able to sense when the tool is cleansed. If you treat your tools with love and respect, then you will build a lasting relationship with them.


Charging Your Tools

Charging your tools should be a very personal experience. The purpose of charging your tools is to enable them to assist you with something you need. You might charge a tool for protection, or to assist in a ritual, or to imbue the item with a particular energy for use.

Charging is quite simple. You want to hold the object and clear your mind. Focus on what you feel from the tool. When you feel like you know the energy from the tool well, then visualize what you want the tool to do for you. Don’t force your will onto the tool; remember everything has its own energy and force is not the best way to gain the help of anything or anyone. When you have a clear picture or feeling about what you need from the tool, then ask the tool to assist you. Visualize the tool assisting you with the task and wait until you feel that the tool has agreed and is charged with the energy needed to assist you.

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At first you might find it difficult to know when an item is charged. It’s an intuitive process, so it’s difficult to explain and to know if you’re doing it right. The best way to gauge whether you’ve charged the tool is in how it looks and feels to you. This is similar to cleansing your tools. If the tools looks or feels charged to you, then it probably is. Look to see if there’s something slightly different about the energy, such as it’s calmer or brighter or vibrating more. The more you do it, the easier it will become for you to tell. Keep at it and you’ll have no trouble telling soon enough.


Your Magick Tools Should Be Your Friends

Tools are not necessary for magick, but they do help in many ways. They can help with focus, creating and directing magick, cleansing and many other things. Each tool has its own unique energy, so it’s important to get to know the energy of each one and learn how to work with it.


What tools do you love to work with? Let me know in the comments!



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