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Finding Time To Blog With A Full Schedule

One of the toughest parts of being a new blogger, especially when you are a busy person, is finding time to blog. This post is ironically several weeks late in getting done because my own life has been too busy to find time to blog!

It may be difficult to always make time to blog when you have a family or work full-time (or both). But finding time to blog and to run your blogging business doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or impossible. If you are able to carve out a couple hours a day to work, then more power to you! I love the days that I can focus on my blog for hours at a time.

But if you’re more like me and have trouble blocking out hours at a time without interruptions, don’t fear you’ll never be able to blog. You will; I promise.

The trick to finding time to blog on a busy schedule is to learn to effectively use those small windows of time we all have and focus solely on one task until it’s complete.

Create A Priority List

The reason most beginners feel overwhelmed and like they are spinning their wheels is because it seems like there is so much to do that it’s hard for them to know where to put their attention. I know I felt this way with my first blog. And frankly, it killed blogging for me for quite a while.

What I learned was that the key to crushing it as a beginner is to work on what you think is important and to not get distracted by what you worry you should be doing. When you complete one task, then you feel like you’ve actually accomplished something, which gives you the motivation to keep going.

In order to get started, you need to create a priority list. List all of the things you need to do for your blogging business that you can think of. Then prioritize those items. It may seem like everything should be a priority, but that’s definitely not the case.

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The key to understanding which tasks are the highest priority is to refer back to your overall goal. In this case, because you’re still in the beginning blogging stage, your overall goal is to create the foundation for a sustainable blogging business.

Since you’re just starting out, then setting up your site, creating awesome content, and getting an email list started should be your highest priorities. These are the vital items that will bring readers to your blog and keep them returning. Until you have your foundation set, you can’t build a sustainable business. So, focus on the important tasks that will move your blog forward and avoid tasks that are less important to your overall goal.


Multitasking is a Lie

Yup, I said it. I know so many people love to brag about how great they are at multitasking.

They’re totally lying to themselves.

Multitasking is just now how the brain works. Studies indicate that multitasking actually makes us less efficient because our brains have to switch gears when we switch tasks. We can only truly focus on one task at a time. So when we tell ourselves we are multitasking, what we’re really doing is burning a lot of energy while not accomplishing much.

When you have only small bits of time to work on your blog, it’s best to use each allotted time to focus solely on one task. That way you are actually completing one thing before you start another, which will give you more motivation to move onto the next task without feeling overwhelmed or as if you aren’t getting anything done.

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finding time to blog

Finding Time You Didn’t Know You Had

One of the best ways to squeeze in time for your business is by finding time you wouldn’t think would be enough for working. We all have time that we never consider as time that could be used to grow our business.

Some examples of these small windows of time are:

  • Commuting – Use this time to brainstorm blog post or product ideas. When you get to your destination, be sure to write down your ideas!
  • Shower – Same as above. I don’t know what it is about the shower, but it seems to get the creative juices flowing.
  • Any time you’re waiting where you’d normally just play on your phone aimlessly. Utilize that time to make notes of ideas, work on graphics, draft an email, update social media, or even work on a post.

These are just a few ideas of time that you might not have thought about as business time. Basically, any time that you have a few spare minutes where you would otherwise just be playing games on your phone or flipping through social media because you were bored are perfect times to squeeze in some business activities.

If you’re out and about, either make it a habit to take your laptop or tablet with you, or always have business-related activities that you can do on your phone. When you’re at home, be sure you have a clean space that’s always ready to work when you find you have a few free minutes. Working in spurts of five or ten minutes may not seem like a lot, but spending five minutes ten times throughout the day working would give you almost an hour of work on your blog.

Allow Life To Happen

Life is going to get in the way of your business. It happens to everyone, and it’s going to happen to you, perhaps even more because you have a busy schedule already.

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When life gets messy, ride it out. Allow yourself to step back from your blog and take care of your other priorities. Forgive yourself for missing your deadline or not sending out that email to your subscribers. When you send out the next email, I guarantee your subscribers are going to be understanding that your life got in the way. They know what that’s like.

Although there’s a lot of advice out there that you have to pump out new content all the time and stay on top of social media, etc., the truth is that it’s okay to take it slow and embrace being a beginner. Slow progress is still progress. The important thing is that you continue to work when you can and don’t give up just because things become challenging. Besides, challenging times are when we learn the most about ourselves, so embrace those times!

Even though you should take your blogging business seriously, it should be a business that fulfills you rather than makes your life more stressful. Blogging with a busy schedule can sometimes feel frustrating. But if you prioritize your tasks, focus on only one thing at a time, and use small chunks of time to work, finding time to blog doesn’t seem so impossible.

Do you have any tips for finding time in a busy schedule?



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