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How To Intuitively Interpret Dream Symbols

Dreams are fascinating. Our dream world is full of things that would be impossible in the waking world, which can make interpreting our dreams difficult.

Dreams are a link to your unconscious mind. Your unconscious is not easily accessible to the conscious mind, but it processes emotions and situations your rational mind can’t work through or is blind to. Your unconscious mind is connected to non-rational ways of knowing and to Source. The unconscious is your link to the wisdom of the universe. Your unconscious mind can provide guidance to your conscious mind. The trick is getting in touch with it.

Dream symbols are important because they help you connect with your unconscious mind to gain the wisdom that it holds. Interpreting your dream symbols enables you to connect to emotions you might not be aware of and to gain insight on how to deal with those emotions.

If you’ve ever tried interpreting dream symbols before, you’ve probably gone to Google or a book to discover what the symbols mean. You probably had success with some of the meanings you found but not others. The problem with searching in books or online to decipher dream symbols is that those interpretations are general, which makes it difficult to personalize and may not align with your intuitive interpretation of a symbol.

The second problem with interpreting dream symbols can be knowing which symbols to interpret. Dreams are fraught with symbols, and not all of them may be meaningful to interpret. How do you know which symbols you need to pay attention to?

Interpreting your dream’s symbols requires consistency and practice, but with a little effort and these tips, you’ll be mastering the meanings of your symbols before you know it.

Determining Which Dream Symbols To Interpret

Dreams are full of symbols, so do you interpret all of them?

If a symbol feels important, then you should focus on that symbol. The easiest way to know which symbols are important to interpret is to write down your dream. Make note of any strong feelings you had about any part of the dream or any particular symbols. For example, I often dream about cats. They usually give me a strong feeling because they are an important part of the dream. When I wake up, I can remember the cat strongly even though I can remember other parts of the dream too.

Dreaming about cats is interesting to me since my husband is very allergic. Therefore, we have no cats, only dogs. While I like cats, I definitely prefer dogs. I dream about cats a lot though. I’ve had a couple of dreams where I had a cat that talked to me and rode on my shoulder. I’ve also had a nightmare that featured the Cheshire Cat. It gives me chills to this day!

When you dream about something a lot, such as cats for me, that’s generally a good indication that the symbol has meaning to you. Another way to determine if the symbol is important is if that part of the dream haunts you when you wake. Sometimes I have people or things that stand out in my dream that replay over and over in my head the next day. That’s a sign that the symbol is important.

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Basically, any part of the dream that gives you a strong feeling, replays in your mind, or stands out to you in any other way is what you need to interpret.

interpret dream symbols

Intuitively Interpret Dream Symbols

Using your intuition to interpret your dream symbols helps to strengthen your intuition. The more you know yourself, the more confident you will be in life and in your magickal skills. Each time you do something that strengthens your intuition, you gain confidence. Knowing your whole self well, including understanding what your unconscious mind is telling you, enables you to make better decisions based on your values and to live a life that is aligned with your soul.

Interpreting your dream symbols intuitively can seem like a huge challenge. But fear not, using your intuition to decipher your dreams is much simpler than you might think.

I have particular intuitive ways that I interpret symbols in my dream. These interpretations have come from my intuition, and I’m confident that this is what they mean for me at this time. However, that may not be what they would mean to you. It might not even be what they mean to me in the future. That’s why you should always check with your intuition for each dream. We all grow and change, and the meanings we attach to symbols can change as well.

Journaling Your Dreams

Writing down your dream is important for you to be able to remember it. Journaling also helps you to be able to write down the emotions you felt in your dream, which is helpful for interpretation. Another thing I’ve found that journaling does is it jogs your mind to remember details as you write. These details might be things you would miss if you didn’t write the dream down.

I suggest dedicating a journal as your dream journal. If you don’t have an extra journal or don’t want to buy one, then you can grab my dream journal download here. You can print the journal off or use it digitally.

At first you might have trouble recalling your dreams, so it’s best to follow the advice many people give about keeping the journal next to your bed and writing your dreams in it as you wake up. In my experience, though, some details can come to you throughout the day. Write whatever you can remember first thing upon waking, then if you remember other things, whether they’re clear or vague, add those details in later.

The purpose of keeping a dream journal is so you can begin to see patterns. You’ll start to identify recurring symbols and you’ll be able to connect those symbols to things in your waking life. It’s this connection that will help to strengthen your intuition and give you confidence that you can trust your intuition.

Interpreting Your Dreams

Intuitively understanding what a symbol means isn’t as difficult as it seems. First, don’t second-guess your feeling about the meaning. Second, don’t worry about if you’re right or wrong. This is a reference tool, and it’s completely fine if the meaning later changes. There isn’t any right or wrong. This tool is for your personal use, and no one needs to see it unless you want them to. There isn’t anyone who is going to judge whether you have correctly intuited your symbols!

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Oftentimes, our fear of being wrong can get in the way of our intuition. If you find yourself worrying about being wrong or overthinking your dream symbol meanings, then I suggest you sit and meditate for a few minutes before interpreting the dream symbols. Just sit in a quiet place, clear your mind, and feel your inner wisdom. Know it’s there to guide you and that you always have access to it.

Once you’re feeling aligned, then it’s time to interpret.

Pick one symbol and close your eyes. Find it in the dream. How does the symbol fit in the dream? For example, I had a dream of a tree carving in a wall of my boss’s apartment. The carving was something my boss had asked the landlord to do special, so it was outside of the natural landscape of the dream. It stood out from the rest of the apartment both in color and in style.

Does your symbol belong naturally to the landscape, or does it stand out? Is it special in some way?

Next, take note of any feelings the symbol gives you. Odds are, the symbol held a particularly strong feeling for you to choose it in the first place. Does the symbol give you a feeling that’s clear or more vague? How did you feel about the symbol in your dream? For instance, the tree in my dream fascinated me, but I was also jealous that my boss had been able to get their landlord to carve it. I wanted to have a tree carving in my house. That jealousy of the carving was an unusual response to a tree for me, so it was an emotion to make note of.

After noting the feelings the symbol elicited in the dream, take note of any other times when you’ve seen this symbol in your waking life. What was happening when you saw the symbol if the symbol isn’t common? If it’s a common symbol, like a tree, what does it usually make you think of? How do you usually feel around this symbol?

Once you’ve noted all these things in your journal, then take a few moments to just sit with the symbol as it was in the dream. Experience all of the dream feelings again surrounding that symbol. Don’t try to force an interpretation of the symbol. Let it come to you.

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If nothing comes to you right away, then leave it. Put your journal away and go about your business. Most likely, the interpretation will come to you when you least expect it throughout the day, or the next time you sit to meditate.

interpret dream symbols

Applying the Interpretation

You know what the symbols in your dream mean, but how can you connect that to your life?

You’re looking to connect those symbols with situations in your life. Recall the emotions you felt in the dream. Where in your real life do you feel emotions like that? Look at all the symbols you’ve interpreted and see where you might be experiencing emotions that you aren’t aware of. Look for places in your real life where the symbols in your dreams show up.

For example, let’s go back to my tree from earlier. I mentioned that I felt envious that my boss was able to convince the landlord to create such a beautiful carving. I determined that the tree represented freedom and joy to me. Because my boss was a central figure in this dream, I interpreted the dream to be about my career. This makes sense because I’ve been working very hard to change careers, but I feel stuck where I’m at right now. I was envious of others who seemed to easily find a career that satisfied them, while I was struggling and miserable, wishing that I had a career that offered me freedom and joy.

By interpreting my dream, I was able to see what I was feeling regarding my career. As you can see, my unconscious emotion was jealousy. This is an indication that I was giving my power away in this situation because I was focused on what someone else had that I didn’t. Knowing that allows me to change my perspective on the situation and see where I can take back my power and take steps to bring my life in alignment with what matters to me.

Ultimately, that’s the goal of interpreting your dreams. You can see where your unconscious is focused and what you are feeling that you’re not aware of. Connecting to your unconscious through dream symbol interpretations allows you to look at the situation with clarity so you can decide how to proceed. This clarity enables you to connect to your inner wisdom so you can live a more meaningful life.





Don’t have an extra notebook for your dreams, or do you prefer the digital option? Then grab your digital Dream Journal download right here, and get started interpreting your dreams!






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