Self-Confidence Stone Set


Feeling low?

Then this stone set is just what you need! Packed with stones that will increase your positive energy and promote calm and confidence, this stone set is the perfect combination for boosting your self-confidence.

This is a great stone set for overcoming confidence issues, such as job interviews, creative projects, or setting boundaries.

Includes information on the stones, an affirmation, and a meditation.


Self-Confidence Stone Set is a must have for when you need that boost of confidence! The bag contains six stones, iolite, moonstone, pink aventurine, unakite, carnelian, and sunstone. These stones are great for decreasing stress and encouraging confidence. They increase focus and courage, promote positive energy, and provide emotional balance.

The stone set also comes with a card detailing the stones, an affirmation to use with the stones, and a meditation to do with them.

You can use these stones for meditation, sleep with them nearby, or even carry them on you.




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