Smudge Spray


Smoke from smudging and cleansing got you down?

Then try this smudge spray.

Filled with herbs, essential oils, and infused with crystals, this spray has a clean, fresh scent. Just a few sprays will cleanse an area and leave it feeling light and peaceful. Smokeless smudging is a good alternative for people who don’t want to breathe in smoke. Smudge spray also cleanses in less time than smudging.



2 oz. bottle of smudge spray. The bottle is amber glass and reusable.

Just spray a few spritzes of this smudge spray in the area you want to cleanse, similar to burning sage. This spray has a clean, fresh scent. Infused with quartz crystals to dispel negativity and amethyst to encourage calm and peace.

Ingredients: Filtered water, witch hazel, lemongrass essential oil, vanilla essential oil, juniper berries, cloves, white sage, amethyst chips, clear quartz chips


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